Brief description


BikerPit is a mobile toolkit for motorbike riders who want to keep track of their ride statistics. The idea came from combining two big passions; mine for creating exceptional looking designs and my friend's for motorbike racing. So one day we came up with the idea of building a mobile app to show motorbike stats, based on the user experience, with an amazing interface which uses clear data for a quick view whilst riding the bike. This was the beginning of BikerPit.

From the idea to the execution


Once the specifications of the app were clear, I had to find the best way to put it in practise. Since this is an app being used whilst riding, the screen should be readable within half a second. Every single detail had to be thought out really carefully in order to make it useful but safe. So I made the wireframes and tested them to make sure that the shown data was clear to see with just a quick glance.

BikerPit wireframes design

Information matters


We always want to most accurate information possible, that's why the BikerPit app has to be calibrated before taking it out for a ride. The calibrator tells how much to the left or right the bike has to be tilted in order to center it. Once the app has been calibrated the rider is ready to go!

BikerPit calibrator design

Plotting the results

Map View

Once the driver is done with the ride a map is being displayed with all the key stats of the ride on it. The route of the driver is plotted on the map using red and green colors to indicate where the driver was speeding. The map also displays pinpoints which indicate the start, finish, maximum speed, maximum acceleration and tilt.

BikerPit map view design

The results


BikerPit mobile dashboard design
BikerPit mobile activity design
BikerPit mobile live view design
BikerPit mobile results page design
BikerPit website design
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